We offer a wide variety of tax and financial services for business owners. We want to partner with you to remove your financial hassles, enabling you to do what you love. Let us do what we do best, so you have time to do what you do best!

Tax Preparation

Wish you had more time to focus on the enjoyable parts of your business? For our business clients, we strive to enable each owner to streamline their data preparation while achieving moderate cost and effective tax preparation services. In short, we want to eliminate the hassle of the tax cycle each year.

Payroll Services

Is preparing your payroll and paying your related taxes taking significant amounts of time within your business? We offer a full line of payroll services, from ongoing payroll preparation on a pay period by pay period basis to after-the-fact payroll tax preparation at the end of each quarter and the end of the year.

Software Consulting

Want to improve your accounting software? Our staff is well versed in many types of software. We offer software consulting to recommend appropriate software for your business, diagnose problems in your current accounting system and train you and your staff to use your software.

Business Planning

Do you have big ideas for your company? Whether you want to start a new business or fine-tune the plan for your existing business, our seasoned staff can provide creative ideas to help you be effective in many areas of planning for your business through our business planning services.

Compensation Planning

Does it matter how the owners and officers of a business are paid? Absolutely! Our compensation planning will help you create a system for determining compensation and the most effective tax models for paying key employees. This allows a business to have more bottom line dollars.

Retirement Plan Selection & Administration

Do you want to make the most of your income in order to retire with plenty of money? An effective retirement plan can be a great tool for helping an owner save for retirement, reduce income taxes and reward staff for their longevity. With several options available, finding the best fit for a particular business and making certain that the plan is maintained are important exercises. We can help evaluate the options and advise as to the selection of the proper retirement plan and administration.

Financial Statement Preparation

Do you wish you had access to your company’s financial statements? Businesses may need financial statements for many reasons. Whether required by a bank, insurance company or other outside regulation, or simply a need for the owners to use for their own purposes, we can assist with many different types of financial statement preparation.

Bookkeeping (on and off site)

Wish you could have accounting staff to take care of your bookkeeping? Now you can! Our accounting staff provides bookkeeping services both at your office, on your computers through remote access or at our office. You can choose – which is the best fit for your business?

Tax Planning

Are you amazed at the different types and amounts of taxes that you owe? While little can be done after the end of each year, tax planning during the year can allow opportunities to minimize the obligations and time to accumulate necessary funds to pay your taxes.

Strategic Planning

Are you reaching your financial goals? Business goals should reflect the personal financial goals of the owners. With that end in mind, what goals should you have for your business? Our strategic planning service will help you recognize those goals and make plans to meet them.

Succession Planning

Do you own your own business and have reached the time to sell or transition your ownership? Our succession planning will assist you in determining the value of your business, evaluating the available market and understanding the least costly method of transition.

IRS Representation & Preparation

Are you looking for representation in front of the IRS? We provide IRS representation in the role of an advocate for our clients – and take their place at many of the necessary meetings with IRS officials.

Personal Financial Planning

What are your financial goals? Whether short or long term, making a plan is the first step to reaching them. Our team of financial experts will assist you in your personal financial planning.

Financial Counseling & Budgeting

Still trying to figure it out? Let our staff assist you in determining appropriate lifestyle choices and in advising how to make changes to your current income and expenditures.

Retirement Planning

Do you want to have enough money when you arrive at retirement? Of course you do! But there is more to consider – when to retire, tax consequences, how to use your time and protecting your future income are all important parts of the retirement planning process.

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